Our boat named “MV Jarvis” is a custom built Whitepointer 8.3 meter wheelhouse Model specifically designed for Portland fishing charters.

Our boat has been built by Erick Hyland to meet the USL and NSCV code for commercial vessels.

Our boat has all safety equipment to meet NSCV survey requirements and is all top of the range.
MV Jarvis has a cruising speed of 22knots in most conditions and a top speed of 45knots so we can reach the fishing location in no time at all.
Our boat is solid fiberglass and is one of the best softest riding boats going around the twin Suzuki 175hp outboards are super quiet and have no fume smell at all.
We are lucky enough to still be able to trailer our vessel and this is worth its weight in gold when the fish move locations so to can red hot fishing charters always having you at the hottest bite there is.

We hold 550 litres of fuel and tanks are at full capacity before every day so it allows captain Simon Rinaldi to go where every he needs to go to get you connected to the fish of your dreams.

Our boat has a blueprint stability booklet done by one of the best naval architects in Australia and is in NSCV survey for 11 passengers and x2 crew this is unmatched for any other fiberglass trailer boat charter boats in victoria.

MV Jarvis is in current survey for 30 nautical miles of mainland off any Australian port and allows us to target the run of southern blue fin tuna and albacore tuna that turn up on the continental shelf off Portland each march.

Captain Simon Rinaldi holds a master class 5 / skipper grade 3 and can skipper a vessel out to 200 nm out to sea. Simon also holds a marine engine drivers grade 3 certificate and is a level 2 in first aid

All these qualifications are needed to be a charter boat operator running in the ocean off Portland if people charter without these qualifications they are doing so illegally and are not allowed out to the continental shelf where 90% of the tuna are caught each season.

Our boats are always kept in a neat clean tidy state and you can be sure when you come aboard red hot fishing charters you are fishing with one of the best so everything we provide is the best quality we can find. We have a yearly survey done by transport safety victoria and this makes sure everything is 100% up to date.

MV Jarvis has been fitted out using the very best electronics money can buy our sonar/sounder is a Furuno 295 fitted with a wide beam 2kw transducer allowing us to pin point the fish we are targeting we also run x 2 GPS units by Lowrance and a radar that adds to the safety when navigating in poor weather conditions.