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Blue Fin Tuna in Portland

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Tuna Fishing Charters

When it comes to chasing tuna Portland fishing charters are always leading the way with thousands of tuna coming aboard each season to keep all customers happy we always work hard and have a good network with local Cray boats that also give us information on what they have been seeing during their travels up and down the coast each day this is valuable info as it saves us traveling to areas if the fish are in a different direction along with us running 2 boats we always have our fingers on the pulse and this allows us to be consistently putting our customers onto some red hot tuna action.

Our skippers have been catching tuna since they were old enough to hold on tight enough to the hard pulling tuna and know the local areas where to catch the southern blue fin tuna and albacore tuna.


Both skippers Simon Rinaldi and Matthew Harris hold a master 5 and med 3 and also hold a level 2 in first aid these qualifications are a must for a charter boat operation running out of Portland as the early season run of southern blue fin tuna and albacore tuna are out on the continental shelf.

A lot of charter boats operate out of Portland and some do so without the right qualifications this means you are going with a charter that should not be going to the continental shelf in search of the tuna.

At Portland fishing charters we are all qualified and our vessels meet all the nscv survey requirements to allow us to run our fishing charters out of Portland.

Our equipment used for chasing the southern blue fin tuna and albacore tuna are second to none with the very best rods, reels, lures, hooks and rigging and with our sponsors Richter Lures always keeping us up to date with the very best lures and we have a lot of lures custom made that give us the edge over our competitors.

Rods used are Wilson live fibre 15kg

Reels used are all shimano tiagra 30w

Spin rods are shimano Tcurve

Spin Reels are shimano saragosa

Charter Pricing & Times

Our Tuna season starts from:

March 1st and runs through until October 1st each year.

Departing times for tuna fishing 8am

Returning around 3pm

  • Cost is $300 for an individual (pp)
  • Cost is $1,800 to book out the boat for a maximum of 6 people

What to bring: Food and drink warm/waterproof clothing and have a current Victorian fishing licence

On return we fillet and bag up your tuna for you ready for you to put in your esky for your trip home.